Christmas for Kids


In years past, with the help of our church family, we have been able to bless 247 total children for Christmas! We would love to reach even more families this year! If you are new here or would like to get involved here is what you need to know and what this looks like.

What we do:

We accept generous donations right here at FIRST from July until December 1st. The 1st week of December we go shopping for each family for Christmas. We provide each child with 2-3 toys/entertainment items, 1 brand new outfit and either a pair of tennis shoes or coat (whichever they are needing most) and we also provide a spiritual gift (coloring book, book or Bible). We do not wrap the toys or gifts. You might ask why wouldn't we wrap the gifts? Here is why! While blessing these children/families, we want the parents to still feel like they have a part in their children's Christmas, so we provide the parents with wrapping paper and tape to wrap their children's gifts themselves. In years past our children's minister, Sarah, has given the Hive kiddos the opportunity to help bless families and bring scotch tape for parents to wrap their children's gifts. Our youth ministry also gets involved by collecting Christmas wrapping paper.

Over the years this outreach has only grown ten-fold and we are asking for your help! If you would like to donate, please scroll down and fill out donation/volunteer form.

Each year beginning in November, registration will be open for families to sign up for help and will run through Dec 1st.


What you can do:

We ask that you please pray about being a part of this amazing outreach for kiddos/families right here in our community, then take action by signing up and/or donating below. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to Emily Scott, Christmas For Kids Ministry Leader.