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Nov 03, 2019

I Am Accepted

I Am Accepted

Passage: Romans 8:9-17

Preacher: Dr. Steve Brown

Series: Identity Defined


Rom. 8:9-17

  1. I am personally accepted by Christ.


Romans 8:9


  • I have been transferred by the Spirit into Kingdom life.


Romans 8:9

John 3:3

John 3:16


  • I am being transformed by the Spirit into the King’s likeness. 

Romans 8:10

Luke 19:1-10

Rom. 15:7


  • I am powerfully alive by the Spirit.


  • I am a resurrected person.


Romans 8:11

1 Cor. 3:16


  • I have resurrection power.


Romans 8:12 

John 20:22


  • I am passionately adopted by the Father.


  • I have a change of rights.

Romans 8:14


  • I have a change of paternity.

Romans 8:15

John 1:12-13

1 John 3:1



  • I have a change of recognition.

 Romans 8:14-16


  • I have a change of resources.


Romans 8:17

Eph. 1:3


  • I have a change of regard.


Romans 8:17

Phil. 3:8-10

Psalm 27:10


Do the Book:

What portion of this message spoke to you? Will you share it with someone or with a group this week?


Who did the Lord lay on your heart about showing more acceptance? Call them this week, visit them,  contact them


Has the Lord moved your heart toward children in some way? Do something about it. Contact an agency. Contact someone that needs help. Get involved in a pregnancy agency.