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Aug 23, 2020

Way to Go Kiddo!

Way to Go Kiddo!

Passage: Proverbs 22:6-

Preacher: Dr. Steve Brown

Series: Single Sunday Sermon


YADA: knowing, to know

SOD: being known

SAKAN: caring involvement


  1. Training involves knowing your child.


Jer. 1:5

Eph. 6:4


A. You can know the way to go.

B. You can know your child.


Psalm 127:3


  1. Training involves being known by your child.


Prov. 3:32b


A. Let them know of your love for the Lord and His love for you.

Acts 4:13


B. Let them know of your love for them and their love for you.


  1. Training involves being caringly involved in your child’s world.


Psalm 139:3 (insert sakan after acquainted)


A. Bless with your words.


Eph. 4:29


A. Be in their world.


John 1:14

B. Bind up their wounds.


2 Cor. 1:3-4


C. Bear their worries.


Gal. 6:2




  • Read a Proverb a day corresponding to the day of the month. Reflect on insights gained for parenting, daily living and growing relationships with your kids. Write insights down in a spiritual journal.
  • Seek to KNOW your children by practicing Romans 12: 15. Rejoice in things that cause them joy and share concern for things that cause them sadness. 
  • Allow your children to KNOW you as a parent – Share some recent celebrations and challenges you have experienced. 
  • Prayerfully seek ways to be ‘Caringly Involved’ in your children’s world. This could be sending a text or showing up for an important event or asking how their day went at school.