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Aug 16, 2020

Where the Battle Lies - Part 2

Where the Battle Lies - Part 2

Passage: Ephesians 6:10-20

Preacher: Dr. Steve Brown

Series: Battle Ready: Born Again. Born to Win.


KALA: What was/is your favorite subject in school? 

The battle lies in the lies in the battle.

All temptation is rooted in the lie that something other than God and His will can meet the needs or satisfy the desires of my life. 


  1. We must acknowledge the truth.


“Putting on the armor of God is the moment-by-moment practice of responding to the attacks of the enemy by embracing through faith the truth about who Christ is and who I am in Christ and applying that truth so Christ can victoriously live through me."  Vance Pitman


EPH. 6:10-20


  1. We must be active with the truth.


  A. Lie: time with Jesus will mean less spiritual warfare.


  B. Lie: experiencing spiritual warfare means I’m a bad Christian.


1 Cor. 2:16

Rom. 12:1-2

Phil. 2:1-8

Phil. 4:5-9


  1. We must be attentive to the truth.


  A. We must cultivate a sensitivity to the Holy Spirit in my life.


1 Cor 10:13

John 14:16-17

John 16:13


  B. We must call out in dependence on the Holy Spirit in our lives.